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PCSOs have different roles in different forces, but they usually patrol a beat and interact with the public, while also offering assistance to police officers at crime scenes and major events.

Depending on where you work, you could:

  • deal with minor offences
  • offer early intervention to deter people from committing offences
  • provide support for front-line policing
  • conduct house-to-house enquiries
  • guard crime scenes
  • provide crime prevention advice

PCSOs are not attested constables, and therefore do not have the same powers of arrest under section 24 of thePolice and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. They can, however, utilise the 'any person' powers of arrest under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984(commonly known as a citizens' arrest).

PCSO's are uninformed staff whose role is to support the work of police officers within the community. Their role is to assist the police in certain areas, acting as the eyes and ears on the streets. PCSO's particularly work to reassure the public and to tackle the social menace of anti-social behaviour.