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Hello, My name is David Hinds. With over 10 years experience within the Information Technology sector and with various companies, I have an excellent range of skills which allows me to work successfully in a variety of positions. I can assemble hardware for extensive systems, various operating systems and provide general IT help-desk support.

Throughout my career I have developed excellent customer service skills. I enjoy working with people, and my strong communication skills ensure I can deliver service of the highest standard. I can use my problem solving skills to ensure issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently at all times.

My previous accomplishments include improving information flow within IT services, and improving cooperation between users and staff. After ten years, I have a thorough understanding of modern Technology. I am passionate about developing my career in this industry and I always give 100% to any task.

Computers need regular maintenance after the sale, much like an cars or household appliances. However, the cost of paying a professional technician to clean and update the software and hardware on a PC is too much for many consumers and business customers to justify. For years, many companies have contracted  local and virtual technical support services that provide computer maintenance as a value-added service for the business. In 2012, many computer owners are looking for ways to do regular system maintenance on their own, to not only reduce costs, but also maybe learn something in the process.

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